Sports Partnership October 2016

year-5-and-6-mixed-football-1Year 5 and 6 Mixed Football

We started the month of October with a bit of a change on the weather; it suddenly turned pretty chilly so unfortunately that meant we had to stand out in the cold wind for two hours whilst delivering the first football tournament of the season.

Again an impressive turnout of 8 teams with squads of approximately 10, resulting in 80 pupils across the pyramid participating in an event. Year 5 and 6 mixed football was this weeks’ choice of competition with the winner going on to represent Dorset in the County Cup later in the year.

A round robin format meant each team had 7 games to play which kept them busy and gave them plenty of opportunities to develop their confidence in each other. Some of the football was played at an excellent level, with many parents and teachers commenting on how well the teams were performing. One young man from Lulworth and Winfrith Primary managed to take home player of the year-5-and-6-mixed-football-2tournament due to his levels of commitment; he had amazing skills and was an excellent team player making sure
not all the goal opportunities were his own. That player was Dylan Dobbs, so very well done to him.

Throughout the tournament there were some excellent goals and some fantastic sportsmanship. Again the games were led by some of our own leaders, this time our Year 12 who are currently undertaking the BTEC sports course, which requires them to officiate a number of tournaments over the two years. A very well done and a big thank you to them.

Year 5 and 6 Girls Football

On the afternoon of the 13th October we ran another successful competition with 6 teams attending a Year 5 and 6 girls’ football tournament, again the winners to represent the Purbeck area in the County Cup.

We were fortunate again for the sun to be shining so much; we needed a two way fixture so one team didn’t get an advantage of the sun being in their eyes. Again the format of the competition was a round robin so each team had 5 games to play. It was great to see that with each game the confidence in the girls grew and grew. Some were extremely nervous at the beginning of the tournament as their opportunities for football had been limited, but by the end of the afternoon they were wanting to play more.

Throughout the tournament there was excellent sportsmanship and teamwork, with many girls wanting to be involved and passing amongst each other, giving all an opportunity to score. There were a couple of extremely high scoring games with Bovington at one point winning 7-0.

This week I awarded two players of the tournament for very different reasons – Jasmine Nadaf the St Marys Swanage goal keeper made some outstanding saves throughout; whilst Faith from Wool Primary, although very nervous to start with, embraced the competition and threw herself into every game showing a massive amount of resilience and commitment and came out having thoroughly enjoyed herself and wanting to play more. Well done both of you.

The winners of this weeks’ competition were Bovington Primary and they will go onto the next round to represent the Purbecks. Well done Bovington.

year-3-and-4-hockey-festival-3Year 3 and 4 Hockey Festival

To finish off a busy sporting half term, the Purbeck School leaders delivered a Hockey Festival for Year 3 and 4 students. Ten pupils from each school were invited along to take part in an hour of coaching in the basic skills followed by an hour of games to put those skills into practice.

Six of our local schools were able to attend with a few having done some hockey before but with some not having really encountered the sport. The Year 12’s did a fabulous job of teaching the pupils some basic skills including, passing and dribbling, they even managed to fit in some tackling practice.

All the pupils were active throughout and seemed to have a smile on their during the coaching session and when asked about it all said they had learned something new and were excited to do some more hockey at school.

After the coaching the pupils then got into their school teams and played a little tournament to practice these new found skills. Some of the more rules were more closely adhered to than others, (a one on one tackle was more like a little scrum with 3 or 4 from each team scrabbling for the ball), but even so the pupils had a great time with all involved and all reinforcing new skills.

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and I will look forward to delivering the next tournament in November which is a KS1 Multi skills festival.

Miss Hamblin
School Sports Coordinator

year-3-and-4-hockey-festival-2 year-3-and-4-hockey-festival-1

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