Purbeck Pyramid sporting activities – September 2016

purbeck-pyramid-sporting-activities-1This year has started with a bang, we have already delivered two inclusive events for years 3, 4, 5 and 6. With a whole programme of activities up until December.

We started this term with a Year 5 and 6 Inclusive Festival. Eight out of our 12 feeder schools attended, which meant that over 80 pupils were taking part. All were keen to take part in a number of activities including Handball, Cricket, Team Building and SAQ activities.

The festival was aimed at students that were disengaged in PE to give them a positive and fun environment enabling them to take part in a range of new activities and hopefully exciting them into taking these activities back to school.

purbeck-pyramid-sporting-activities-2The schools rotated round in a carousel format and worked with other schools. Each of the activities were led by a number of The Purbeck School students in year 8 and 10; they were responsible for leading a 20 minute session which needed to engage and enthuse approx 20 pupils at a time. After the initial settling in period of pupils looking slightly nervous all threw themselves fully into the experience and soon there were plenty of smiles and laughter all round.

The afternoon was a massive success which was helped along by the September sunshine. Lots of positive comments from pupils and teachers alike.

The following week a similar event ran for the Year 3 and 4 pupils. Again a fabulous turnout with 9 feeder schools attending resulting in approx 100 pupils taking part. Again a great event with all pupils thoroughly enjoying themselves and all keen to go back to school with a new activity to try out. These activities were led by students across years 9 and 10. As always an excellent job by them.

A thoroughly enjoyable festival, here’s to a busy October!

Miss Hamblin, School Sports Coordinator

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