School Games rowing qualifier


This week a number of Year 7-9 students have been undertaking a rowing challenge to see how far they can row in a specific time. We had over 120 students take up the challenge. The aim was to compete in a virtual competition against the other schools in our partnership, The grange, Twynham and Highcliffe, all based in Christchurch.

Year 7 had to row continuously for 2 minutes, Year 8 for 3 minutes and Year 9 for 4 minutes. It doesn’t sound like much but when your giving your all it is exhausting especially for the poor Year 9. It certainly showed those pupils that had some resilience.

Once the distances had been accumulated the top four distances from each age group for boys and girls were sent to the School Games organiser to verify the results.

Results were as follows:

  Year 7 Girls Year 7 Boys
1st Purbeck 1823 Purbeck 1873
2nd Twynham 1731 Twynham 1353
3rd Highcliffe 1637 Highcliffe 1282
Year 8 Girls Year 8 Boys
1st Purbeck 2704 Purbeck 3107
2nd Twynham 2675 The Grange 2686
3rd Highcliffe 1845 Twynham 2680
4th Highcliffe 2570
Year 9 Girls Year 9 Boys
1st Highcliffe 3483 The Grange 4080
2nd Purbeck 3421 Purbeck 4075
3rd Twynham 3340 Highcliffe 3865

As you can see we have achieved some outstanding results with both year 7 and 8 teams qualifying in both boys and girls. Within these results were some outstanding individual results – Holly Gate with 497m in 2 minutes and Lewis Cartridge with 505m in 2 minutes, both deserve a special mention as the gold standard for Nationals is 490m for girls and 510m for boys. So if they continue in this vein both have a chance to qualify for the individual national rowing competition next year. A fantastic achievement by all involved, well done.

The finals for the school games are on the 29th June at Bryanston School where they will be competing against the rest of the county. Good luck.

Miss Hamblin

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