Bronze Ambassadors Leaders Academy

Bronze Ambassadors Leaders Academy 1On Friday 13th November we hosted our 4th Bronze Ambassadors Leadership Academy.  120 pupils were invited from all the Purbeck primary schools with 11 out of the 12 primary schools attending.

The day consisted of four main workshops based around, communication skills, team work, games and ‘where to go next?’.

One of the tasks involved playing mini games and discussing how these games could be organised and taught to pupils of different ages and abilities.  Pupils were asked to consider factors such as Space, Time, Equipment and People.

Bronze Ambassadors Leaders Academy 2Next pupils worked on improving their communication skills by undertaking tasks such as directing a blindfolded partner around an obstacle course.

The next workshop gave pupils the opportunity to discuss healthy lives and the types of activities which the leaders can organise at school during lunch and break times.

The final workshop was based around team building activities which involved high levels of cooperation and showed pupils excelling, activities involved organising themselves into alphabetical order on a bench without talking or falling off!

Bronze Ambassadors Leaders Academy 3Schools moved round in groups of about 30 with each workshop being assisted by Purbeck school leaders.

The day was a massive success with all pupils being highly motivated and keen to put forward ideas and suggestions as to how to implement ideas in their own schools.

The day was also beneficial to a number of the Purbeck school students as about 20 Year 9 and 10 students helped to run the workshops for the primary schools.  Lots of positive comments were made as to how professional these students were throughout the day.

Bronze Ambassadors Leaders Academy 4Overall the day was a massive success with over 100 leaders trained in our Purbeck primary schools to help deliver fun activities to pupils in their area. Well done to all involved.

Miss Hamblin, School Sports Coordinator

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