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Y5&6 girls footballYear 5 and 6 Girls Football

On the 15th October we hosted a Year 5 and 6 Girls football tournament.  As usual the tournament was well attended with 8 teams competing.  As with the boys tournament we split the groups into two mini leagues and then took the top two teams from each league to play a 1-4 final and the bottom two places to play a 5-8 place play off.

The girls were an absolute credit to their schools.  All girls played with outstanding sportsmanship throughout the competition.  As an organiser I am always anxious as to how many goals will be scored in football – will all the games be draws and how will I sort a winner from a score sheet involving a number of no score draws?  However I was pleasantly surprised that this was not going to be the case and the leagues sorted themselves with no complicated maths required.

Y5&6 girls football 1The top two teams finally played each other in the later stages (St Marys Swanage and Swanage Primary).  Both teams have very competitive PE teachers so I didn’t fancy standing too close to see the anxiety spread over each of their faces whilst the game commenced.  The game again was of a high standard and was thrilling to watch; and again (as with the boys tournament) the final scores did come down to the goals scored against these two teams, with our winning team this time being Swanage Primary.  Congratulations Mr Lea, you can go back to Swanage with your head held high.

A fantastic competition, well done to all that took part.

As always a massive thankyou to my three year 12 Btec sport students who refereed fantastically – Will Prior, Toby Sheath and Simon Page.


Hockey Festival 2

Hockey Festival

On the 22nd October we hosted a Year 3 and 4 Hockey festival.  With approximately 100 pupils attending things were always going to be eventful.  On arrival schools were allocated leaders to coach them throughout the first hour.  The leaders consisted of experienced leaders from year 11 through to sixth form.  Some year 9 students also got a very hands on experience of coaching, as due to unforeseen circumstances 6 year 9 pupils were thrown in at the deep end and required to deliver the coaching session rather than watching and learning.  After the initial nerves of whether they were going to be listened to, they settled in and did an outstanding job.  So a special well done has to go to Casey Maytum, Trinity Holland, Fran Barry, Chloe Allen, Anabel Boakes and Cara Dunesby.  Initiation complete.

Hockey Festival 1So the leaders led the pupils in an hour of coaching covering the basic skills in hockey from holding the stick correctly to block tackling.  Lots of activity and lots of smiling faces, who could ask for more.  After the initial coaching it was time for the games.  After introducing a few basic rules the pupils were underway.  With hockey balls being struck in all directions and teams following the ball like bees around honey, games representing hockey were being played.  There were some surprisingly good players and was it lovely to see these pupils being able to use their skills and put them into a competitive situation.  Hopefully the interest in hockey for these students will continue to develop and maybe lead to extra curricular hockey at Swanage and Wareham Hockey club in the future.

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for all involved and again a special thankyou to all the Purbeck School leaders as without them I couldn’t run these successful events.

Thanks again.

Miss Hamblin, School Sports Coordinator

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