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Y3&4 Multi Sports festival (2) Y3&4 Multi Sports festival (3)

Year 3 & 4 Multi Sports Festival

On the 1st October The Purbeck School hosted the first multi sports activity festival for years 3 and 4.  This festival was delivered to encourage less active pupils and those pupils who find physical activity more of a challenge to participate in a number of new activities.  One of the main aims of the event was to get more children participating and to give them some new experiences.

Y3&4 Multi Sports festival (1)The weather on the day was perfect, bright sunshine and warm, just the right conditions to encourage over 90 pupils participating.  And although some pupils and teachers were apprehensive as to how the afternoon might go, the event was an amazing success and all children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Activities that the pupils took part in included Handball, Boccia, Athletics and Team Communication Skills amongst others.

It was lovely to see so many pupils taking part from across the partnership and due to its success we are hoping to incorporate a similar event for the years 5 and 6 later in the year.


Yr 5 & 6 Football tournament.

The terms first year 5 and 6 tournament was held last week with eight of our primary schools attending.  With over 80 excitable pupils ready to go two leagues were quickly undertaken.  With only 10 minute games there was a lot to play for.  Pupils took every opportunity to score and there were some brilliant goals and some cracking saves.  As the games developed the pupils became more excited and were on tenterhooks to find who would be going through to the winners round.

Y5&6 Football tournament (2) Y5&6 Football tournament (1)

The four lucky teams were Bere Regis, Stoborough, St Marys Swanage and Wareham St Marys.  These four schools were then needed to play again against one another.  With the stakes high each school reset and started again knowing that medals were up for grabs.  After another round of awesome matches the results were through.  In 4th place we had Bere Regis followed by Wareham St Marys.  This meant that the top two places were being awarded to either Stoborough or St Marys Swanage.  The scores were a draw and it came down to goal difference; with both teams scoring the same amount of goals it led to a tense couple of minutes.  The results were finalised and the winning team were St Marys Swanage, who didn’t have any goals scored against them.  Narrowly missing out were second place Stoborough with only one goal against them.  A fantastic tournament played by all.

Miss Hamblin
School Sports Coordinator

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