‘Ni hao’ from The Purbeck School


On Friday 24th April, with the help of Kitty (a native Chinese student from Harrow House) we hosted our very first ‘Chinese morning’ for twenty, Year 5 students, coming from our feeder primary schools.

It was a very busy morning as they first learnt basic Mandarin greetings as well as some numbers and they even sang in Chinese!  The morning session continued in the Art room where, helped by some of our 6th formers, each student painted the characters of the animal which represented the year of their birth, discovering some budding artists in the making!

Of course we had to encounter some Chinese dragons along the way and so we all decorated our own dragon mask; some ending up looking fierce while others became gentle giants.  After some fantastic work and thankfully not too messy, (the extra-large aprons having helped, a big thank you to Mrs Lummes who superbly prepped the room in advance), the students found themselves totally absorbed by doing origami.

The morning, could not come to a close, without having tasted some authentic Chinese teas as well as sampling some Chinese food.  I believe the chopsticks won the day as everybody tried their best to use them – let’s just say we had spoons available, just in case!  They were even used on their own packed lunch (sandwiches, crisps, tomatoes, grapes and all!).

IMG_0662Finally to round off this amazing morning, each student was presented, by our head teacher Mrs Symonds, with a certificate and a fortune cookie.  A big ‘xièxie’ (thank you) to everyone who helped to make our Chinese morning so enjoyable and memorable.

Zàijiàn! (see you again!).

Mrs B. Martin

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