Art and Design Technology Sample Lessons

Art and DT Taster Session

Over the last month, The Purbeck School has played host to well over a hundred Year 5 and 6 students from all of our feeder primary schools and beyond in the latest of our ‘Sample Lessons’.  These exciting and varied sessions allow children to experience what a secondary school lesson is like, meet enthusiastic members of staff and also begin to navigate their way around some of our excellent new facilities.

From acting as a newspaper journalist to creating Christmas tree decorations, and from designing a fully functioning robot to creating a homemade pizza, this year’s Sample Lessons have been both excellently attended and also great fun.

Please read on for some of the highlights of the recent Art and Design Technology Sample Lessons.  If your son or daughter is in Year 5 or 6 and would like to take part in one of the upcoming sessions, it is not too late!  Please contact Anne Rowan, PA to the Headteacher, via email at to sign up.  A timetable of the remaining Sample Lessons this year can be found on the ‘Transition’ tab of this website.

Art Sample Lessons: December 2014

At 4.15pm on the 2nd December, over a hundred Year 5 and 6 students waited eagerly for the Art Sample Lesson, buoyed by the excitement of an upcoming Christmas holiday!  Following a brief introduction from Mrs Symonds, students were divided up into four groups by our Head of Art, Mrs Richardson.  These groups then made their way to the well-resourced Art rooms, complete with fantastic examples of student art work.

Once in the art rooms, students learnt about corresponding colours from our team of Art teachers, with support from some Sixth Form student helpers.  Having learnt the theory behind their interesting task, students began the enjoyable, if a little messy, task of creating their own Christmas tree stars!  With masking tape, a variety of paints and also new techniques to contend with, students worked with students from a range of primary schools to create some festive masterpieces.

The hour long session finished with Year 5 and 6 students proudly showcasing their achievements to equally proud parents.  The range of finished products was amazing to see, with all students leaving having enjoyed a thoroughly festive end to the 2014 Sample Lesson programme.  A big thank you to all the enthusiastic Year 5 and 6 students who attended, the fantastic Art department and also to our Sixth Form Helpers.

DSC01311 DSC01316

Design Technology Sample Lessons: January 2015

In the first week back at school in 2015, The Purbeck School again played host to a large number of Year 5 and 6 students from across our catchment.  These students had arrived to take part in the next of our Sample Lesson programme – the Design Technology session.

As an important aim of the Sample Lessons is to prepare students for what they will experience when they join us in Year 7, the Design Technology Sample Lesson was split into a number of different material areas, notably Food Technology, Textiles and Product Design.  Students were split into the different areas, with each one having a particular focus on the designing and making of an exciting product.

Some students eagerly began making their own robots from wood, others created homemade pizzas, whilst the final group produced individually designed bookmarks.  Some students were even lucky enough to learn how to plait their own bread!

DSC01328Some comments from the evening:

One thing I learn’t was:
“that you need to put the cheese on last to keep it moist” – Harvey Bates
“how to carve a complicated pattern using tools” – Erin Lily Gwillam
“take your time!” – Emma Rogers

The thing that I enjoyed most was:
“to shape the pizza.  It was really fun!!!” – Isabel Jones
“EVERYTHING!” – Sophie Keestian
“just being here and having lots of fun!” – James Carter Hobbs

All of our Sample Lesson students left proudly clutching a product of their own design.  With parents involved in the showing off of these tremendous products, another very successful Sample Lesson had ended!

Again, a massive thank you to all who attended and made the sessions so enjoyable.  Also thank you to the Design Technology department for their hard work and the sixth formers who helped out.

We hope to see you all again at our next Sample Lesson which will be Humanities on Wednesday 4th February 2015.

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