Purbeck Primary School Council

PEP Purbeck Primary School CouncilOn Wednesday 18th June, the Purbeck School played host to the first Purbeck Primary School Council.  This meeting consisted of representatives from all of our feeder primary schools visiting for a full afternoon of debate, discussion and great ideas!

The aim of the Purbeck Primary School Council is to provide an opportunity for our Year 6 students to shape the transition process, share ideas about how they would like their first year at secondary school to be and to also meet council representatives from other schools.

A fantastic first meeting was very well-attended and involved a tour around the school, a discussion as to what opportunities students would like in their first year at the Purbeck School and the creation of a range of resources to ensure that our new Year 7 students were well-informed throughout the next academic year.  The new Purbeck Primary School council were mature in the way they discussed important issues and all left to report back their findings to the rest of their classmates.  A great first meeting – well done to all those students who participated!

Mr Swallow
Acting Assistant Headteacher, The Purbeck School

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