DT Taster Evening

DSCN0992On Thursday 19th January the DT faculty hosted a taster session for students in Year 5 & 6.  Everyone had a great time, making felt personalised bookmarks in the Textiles department and a laser cut wooden robot in Product Design.  In Food Technology students had the opportunity to make pizza with their own choice of toppings, then took them home for tea!

Below are a few comments from the evening:

“I have learnt that yeast is alive, it makes carbon dioxide bubbles in bread.  I have enjoyed being in the classroom and seeing some of the really nice teachers.  Thank you very much!” – Ella Lewis

“I have learnt that colourful ingredients like fruit and vegetables give you a wide range of vitamins.  I have enjoyed making pizza and seeing how nice the school is.  Thank you.” – Lillie Sasha Rose

“I enjoyed making pizza and learning that if bread has a big hole in it is because it has not been kneaded well enough before baking.”

“I have enjoyed making a pizza with different topping.  I have learnt that the school has some nice teachers and fun subjects.”

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