Sports Partnership Spring Term

It’s been a busy spring term with new events and various CPD courses which have all been brilliantly attended.


We started the term with a new event, the Year 5 and 6 Handball festival. This was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by all, all the teams were buzzing and were really excited about putting new skills into practice. They started with some time learning the new skills and how to play the game and they were then put into some games which they loved. We were lucky enough to have John Pearce from England Handball to come and lead the festival for us with a number of our own leaders working with individual schools.


The focus on team games continued and a Year 5 and 6 hockey festival was organised for teams to come and learn some skills about hockey and again get the opportunity to put this into some game situations. Lots of schools attended this, and with the weather on our side we managed to get approx 80 children learning some new skills and developing ones they already had in the hope that a few might want to continue to play and lead into Swanage and Wareham Hockey club. Again the Purbeck School leaders were working with individual schools giving some coaching tips and after this the schools were let loose into a tournament where they thoroughly enjoyed chasing around after a hockey ball for an hour.

Year 5 and 6 Netball

Time soon came round to deliver the Year 5 and 6 school games Netball qualifier and as in recent years the weather didn’t disappoint; it was still freezing but this didn’t deter a number of willing schools to complete to see who would represent Purbeck in the School Games Finals in March. Although no coaching was involved in this event a number of teams attended and lots of Netball was played which again seemed to be enjoyed by all participants.

The next two events had to be cancelled due to weather conditions (rugby and netball) but the Year 5 and 6 rugby has been rearranged for the 3rd May at Swans rugby club.

Year 3 and 4 Tag Rugby

So in March we focused on the Year 3 and 4 tag rugby festival which was led by a number of Year 8 and 9 pupils who did an amazing job as it was many of their first times leading a festival, and they did it brilliantly. Lots of schools attended this festival so the astro turf was remarkably busy with approx 100 Year 3 and 4 pupils running round developing their rugby skills. The weather was kind and all pupils had a thoroughly good time, and again many pupils left with an enthusiasm for rugby. I am sure SWANS rugby club will be more than happy to welcome any budding Owen Farrells to the squad. Although now its contact at club level.

KS 1 Multi Skills

The final event of the term was the KS1 multi skills event, where we invited 10 KS 1 pupils from each school to come and have a go at a number of different activities which focused on developing their gross and fine motor skills. It is always lively seeing so many little ones running round enjoying themselves and learning new games in the process. They enjoyed playing new games like Beans, relay races, sitting volleyball and Boccia. A great event which again was run by the new set of Year 8 leaders.

Finally I just want to say a big thank you as usual to all our leaders at the Purbeck School as these events could not run without your support; but also a thank you to all the schools and their parents that continue to support this busy timetable of events. It is obvious that all the children appreciate the opportunity to take part in these events and we wouldn’t be able to deliver them without the support from everyone involved, from organising teams to dropping and picking up children from the activity.

Miss Hamblin
School Sports Coordinator

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