Sports partnership round up November

Sports Patnership round up November 1

So November has been busy with a number of competitions involving all age groups from year 1 through to year 6.

Year 1-2 have been involved in Mini Olympics festival where they were able to take part in a number of different activities including elephant football, balancing activities and crawling through tunnels. 90 pupils took up the opportunity which was lovely to see and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The festival was delivered by Libby Jenner in Year 13 as part of her OCR coursework and an excellent job she made of it. It was also supported by a number of our newest leaders from Year 8, all of which did a stirling job of encouraging pupils along and making it an enjoyable experience.

The next two events were two of the loudest events of the Year – the Year 5 and 6 Indoor Athletics heats. Eight of the twelve schools took part over the two sessions and as usual the level of competition was high and the noise levels even higher.

It was clear that some of the schools had been practising hard in this area (particularly St Marks) as there were some amazing individual performances. It would appear St Marks have excelled in the Javelin as the majority of the participants in this event performed outstandingly.

The schools that have gone on to the Finals are St Marys Swanage and Stoborough Primary. Both these school will compete again in January against the two winners from the Christchurch area.

Our final competition of the month was the Year 3 and 4 hockey festival. Eighty five children across eight schools attended which was great to see, and they were given an hour of drills that were led by our Year 12 OCR students again, as part of their course. The leaders did an excellent job of keeping the children on task considering the temperature drop as soon as the sun went down on the astro.

The coaching was followed by 40 minutes of games where schools played a number of games against one another to try out their new skills. Once again a festival that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Finally just a big thank you to all schools that continually support the opportunities that are provided for their pupils, and a massive thank you to the leaders that time and again give up their time to make these events happen. I would not be able to do it without your commitment.

Miss Hamblin
School Sports Coordinator

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