April Sports Partnership roundup

Carey Camp 1Carey Camp 2017

April was a quiet month with regards to competition thankfully, as so far this year has been pretty manic. So we thought it would be nice to deliver our first ever activity day. Each school was asked to select 6 pupils that they thought would benefit from this experience. Schools were able to choose pupils that had worked well all year, whether it be in sport, leadership, or any other subject. Pupils could also have been selected as it was felt that they would gain a lot from the day, particularly in self-confidence and esteem.

The aim of the day was to mix schools up and get encourage them to start working as a team to develop those all important leadership skills for when they eventually go out into the big wide world and have to fend for themselves. These are skills that can never be developed too early.

Carey Camp 2So on arrival all the schools congregated, (without being too harsh I let them work with at least one person they knew), and were quickly split into 8 groups. There were 8 activities to undertake throughout the day, 2 being led by the brilliant Carey Camp staff and the remaining 6 being led by the equally brilliant level 3 OCR students who have all been awesome this year at leading activities for the primary schools. Activities included orienteering, plank walking, minefield, perfect square, blind leading, and many more.

Once the groups had been allocated they were off. Things were quiet to say the least for the first activity whilst people began to scope out their new groups, but by the time breaktime came round at the end of round 2, the atmosphere was buzzing and lots of smiles on children’s faces. Phew.

Carey Camp 3These activities continued all day but unfortunately it had to come to an end at some point. The day lasted a little longer for some than others as right at the end 2 members of one school managed to get themselves locked in the toilets, typically it was pupils from the school that needed to back early for an afternoon assembly. Still eventually they escaped and back to school they all went, albeit a little late for the assembly.

It was a fantastic day and certainly one that will remain in the sports partnership calendar for more pupils to receive the positive experience. Thankyou to all schools that took part and the support from parents/schools where necessary dropping and collecting children to enable it to happen.

Carey Camp 4We are now into the summer term so looking forward to some nice sunny weather to allow us to enjoy the athletics and strike and field events. Yay.

Miss Hamblin
School Sports Coordinator

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