February news from the Sports Partnership

I would like to say that after a busy month in January we had chilled out a little on the sports front with the primary schools, but NO, this month has been just as busy with some excellent performances and some fantastic leadership triumphs.

Sports partnership February news 1The first event we were faced with was the delivery of the Year 5 and 6 Netball competition which was a school games qualifier; the winning school would go on to represent the Purbeck area in the School Games Final in April.

Six of our schools attended which was really promising to see and this year two of the Year 12 OCR class were responsible for the organisation and delivery of the event, these being Lisa Noone and Harriet Miller. These students did an excellent job and had all bases covered. If the pupils were not timetabled to play they had them set up in drills to practice their skills, a perfect opportunity to improve.

Sports partnership February news 2As always all the schools were a credit to themselves, with some schools showing a massive improvement as they progressed through the competition. This was particularly impressive as the weather was a bit on the chilly side with some very numb fingers and toes by the end of the afternoon. The team that are going on to represent our area in the finals are St Marys Swanage, so good luck to them on the 3rd April at Sir David English.

Sports partnership February news 3The second event that we faced was the Year 3 and 4 tag rugby festival. Again this festival was organised from scratch by our Year 12 OCR level 3 students (Miles Ferguson, Joe Davies and Harry Daniels) and a brilliant job they did too; they had to arrange the event from scratch including the promotion and design of activities for pupils to undertake, and the training of leaders to make sure the event ran smoothly.

Eight of the local schools managed to attend the festival, which was encouraging to see as the purpose of the event was to introduce and to promote tag rugby to all. The event allowed pupils from all schools to learn and develop their skills by having an hour of coaching followed by an hour of game activities enabling them to put these new found skills into practice against other schools. These games were undertaken in a non-competitive format and allowed the pupils to experience games without pressure.

Sports partnership February news 4It was great to see so many pupils across the partnership enjoying themselves and experiencing an opportunity to develop their understanding. It was also impressive to see so many of our leaders performing outstanding skills and delivering their session to such a high standard.

Fortunately half term gave us a much needed break from sporting excellence, but we were straight back into it after half term with the Purbeck and Christchurch Indoor Athletics final. St Marys Swanage and Swanage Primary School were the Purbeck representatives and St Josephs and Christchurch Juniors were the representatives from Christchurch. After a delayed start due to transportation issues we suddenly had a rather tight time frame to complete, but due to the fantastic leaders and the fact that they have been well drilled in the delivery of the Indoor Athletics the competition was delivered in record quick time with some outstanding performances.

Sports partnership February news 5As usual the competition was highly strung and an emotional event; lots of noise and encouragement for team mates, enticing them to perform to the best of their ability, ensured I came out a little deafer than I did when I went in! Victors this year were Christchurch Juniors and they will be representing the partnership in the School Games final.

Well that brings the month a February to an exhausting end! Unfortunately there is no let up for the month of March with another 4 events including more school games qualifiers and festivals for KS1 and 2 children. As always a massive thank you to the Purbeck school leaders and a big congratulations to those Year 12 students that have taken on the task of organising and delivering one of these events.

Miss Hamblin
School Sports Coordinator

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