Sports Partnership National Award

competition-for-all-awardAs many of you are aware The Purbeck School work closely with the Christchurch Secondary Schools to deliver a range of activities to our primary schools ranging from leadership academies to Multi Skills festivals, Dance festivals to Watersports festivals. Thus giving them a number of sporting opportunities throughout the year which they would otherwise be denied.

This has been going on for approximately 12 years with the calendar getting more extensive every year; so much so that this year excluding the months of December and June we are delivering competitions or festivals every week, enabling us to provide as many opportunities to children ranging from Year 1 to Year 6 as possible.

We have also developed our programme to include the delivery of a number of CPD courses to advance our teachers skills enabling them to deliver higher quality PE lessons and support more staff within their own school, thus offering more pupils increased opportunities.

For many years this work has been delivered tirelessly and with enthusiasm, this year it has been fantastic to receive some kudos for this. Earlier in the term Dan Moody, our School Games Organiser, attended a regional conference where we were presented with the Regional Award for providing the partnership with extensive inclusive activities, targeting all pupils in the partnership. This in itself was an amazing achievement but to top it off, Dan also went to the National School Games Conference earlier this month where the partnership was awarded the National Award for Inclusive activities; we have now been seen as a lead partnership in the country for providing opportunities for all.

I couldn’t be prouder of all our hard work over the years, it is a well deserved award. Again I must say a big thank you to all our leaders at The Purbeck School new and old as they play such an amazing part in the deliverance of these activities, it just wouldn’t be possible without you all. You are all making such a difference to a number of pupils in our area. Well done.

(A very proud) Miss Hamblin
School Sports Coordinator

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