As schools use more and more technology in the classroom and the admin office, they require support for both the hardware, and the software that helps the school run. Through the Partnership, schools can gain access to support services that wouldn’t be viable to employ on a school by school basis.


Through the Partnership, schools can gain access to technology and services that normally they wouldn’t be able to afford. By sharing equipment, schools will be able to make the most of the time in the classroom, and will be able to continue providing engaging, vibrant lessons.


Through the use of technology, exciting new ways to communicate between schools become available. From e-mail and instant messaging, to virtual learning platforms and video conferencing, the technology enables teachers to stay in contact with their peers, so they can share ideas they can employ in the classroom.


Welcome to the official website of the Purbeck Education Partnership. The Partnership is made up of 12 schools in the Purbeck area of Dorset that are undergoing huge development and change due to the restructuring from a 3 tier, to a 2 tier education system.

The Partnership was formed to enable the schools to better communicate, share resources and to organize cross school activities that benefit and enrich all of the students school life.

This website will be used to post articles about the Partnership and any events that result from it. There will also be resources for parents and staff, as well as activities for students. The site is currently undergoing heavy development, and will evolve rapidly as new features are added.

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